My name is Dakota Sims 

and I am a photographer based out of Southern California. I have a passion for travel and chasing light.  I am enlightened by love, creativity, and creating memories to last a lifetime.  I aim to capture moments through my photography. 

Here 10 random facts about me: 

1. I LOVE The Office, I can watch it any day on repeat!

2. My poison of choice is a good cup of black coffee

3. I love Mondays! They give fresh ideas and new beginnings!

4. I practically eat grilled cheese daily, its for health reasons (just kidding) 

5. I firmly believe nothing is better than a good old fashioned hand written note!

6. I have the blessing of memorizing song lyrics well and wanting to sing everything, but the curse of an awful singing voice 

7. My favorite read is Tuesdays With Morrie

8. I'm candle obsessed

9. I love to go to hockey games (Go Ducks!)

10. I am a plant lady for life!

Contact me

email: [email protected]


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