My name is Dakota Sims 

and I am a photographer based out of Southern California. I have a passion for travel and chasing light.  I am enlightened by love, creativity, and creating memories to last a lifetime.  I aim to capture moments through my photography by providing an experience with me rather than simply getting some photos taken!

Here are 10 random facts about me: 

1. I LOVE The Office, I can watch it any day on repeat!

2. My poison of choice is a good cup of black coffee

3. I love Mondays! They give fresh ideas and new beginnings

4. I practically eat grilled cheese daily, its for health reasons (just kidding) 

5. I firmly believe nothing is better than a good old fashioned hand written note

6. I have a sweet tooth... specifically for Ben and Jerry's! I love eating too many of the flavors to list here though...

7. I enjoy reading motivational books but my favorite read is Tuesdays With Morrie.

8. I'm candle obsessed and my favorite scent is citrus!

9. I love listening to podcasts! Shout out to my fellow Murderinos out there!

10. I am a plant lady for life! I used to kill all of my plants but now I got some lower maintenance ones and its been going well!

Contact me

email: [email protected]


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